Chris Luciani is an artist who lives by ‘diligence is the mother of good luck’, rather than relying on the obvious nickname ‘Lucky Luciani’. The result is an inspired pop rock vocalist whose persistence and dedication is offering up a new musical world!

Chris’ journey as a musician transcended commitments to playing competitive baseball and running a business. When a trip to Croatia brought deep reflection about living life to the fullest, he refocused his priorities to follow the dream of creating his own music. Back in his native home state of New Jersey, Luciani added vocal lessons to his skills as a pianist. Working with the acclaimed Maria Cortes, known for her coaching work with contestants for The Voice and American Idol, Chris became committed to discovering himself as a vocalist. “I found that singing became therapy for me, and Ms. Cortes was like my therapist. What a wake up call!” says Luciani. In his crazy dedication to this discovery, Chris performed at no fewer than 300 open mic nights around New York City and New Jersey. “I next had to get over the fear of getting up in front of an audience, so this was my next step in ‘therapy’.” he laughs.

When Chris had the opportunity to sing the national anthem in front a crowd at a televised boxing match, he knew his practice had paid off. His channeled his new confidence into the release of a five track debut EP, entitled Overload, in 2016. The sincerity of the pop-rock songs which he wrote and performed had a wide reach, garnering fans from all over the world, who shared comments such as ‘the words that you’re saying are exactly what I am going through’. As a result of the interest generated by that release Chris has been signed to MesaBlueMoon Records, which is part of the Ingrooves/Universal Music family.

Chris is inspired by an array of great writers and performers, including Elton John, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Guns n Roses. His new single is a cover of E.L.O’s “Don’t Bring Me Down”. “I wanted to do an homage to a masterful songwriter/singer/producer - this track is timeless!” Working with two-time Grammy Award winner Robert Cutarella at Studio City Sounds in Los Angeles, Chris’ path is opening up to a new level of prowess, with Cutarella guiding his vocal delivery for some kick-ass attitude. “I call him Lucky Luciani because Chris comes at everything he does with this bright, can-do attitude.” describes Robert, whose background includes sessions with all-time greats ranging from Sting to Slash. “Don’t Bring Me Down”, a Top 5 Billboard single in 1979 - E.L.O.’s highest charting in the U.S. - will be released as Chris’ new single in May 2017 to digital outlets worldwide, as Electric Light Orchestra is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

While Chris reveres the rock greats, he also pulls the spirit of personal development visionaries such as Tony Robbins. “I have discovered that lyrics and composing flows out of me differently when I am frustrated, than when I am happy.” says Chris. “It is an interesting psychology to see the opportunity that comes from challenge.” If the adage that we ‘make our own luck’ holds true, then lucky Chris Luciani is an inspiration to us all for what the love of music can achieve.

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